Donor benefits

Our donor version is working in all 7 tweaks at once. You don't have to donate for each tweak separately.

Donor Features include:

  • Ability to teleport in any of the games provided by Global++
  • Extra coordinate lists: 4 more lists to help with your sniping
  • GPX routing for manual and Auto Generate GPX
  • Partner Coord Feeds: Partner Coord Program (PCP), we have opened up our sniping tool to various coords providers who wish to partake
  • Donor only dedicated server with Coord feed that is synced to game feed (Discord App)

Pokemon Extras:

  • MITM for jailboken and non-jailbroken devices

  • Nearby Pokemon, IV check list, Pokemon encounter IVs, Incubator alerts

  • Special Pokemon List: This feature requires you to restart the app when enabled/disabled. If enabled, we will override the nickname of all mons in your list with their IV and move set.

  • Mapping enabled: For additional mapper subscriptions visit:here Worker Mode avaliable

  • Enhanced Throw: If enabled, Raid Boss captures will always throw Excellent throw maximizing success rate. For wild Pokemon, 90% of throws will be excellent.

  • Hide Gym Mode Button (Incognito): gives you the ability to hide the Gym mode button when activated. This is a donor only feature. Please be sure to hold the screen for 10 seconds to activate/deactivate.

  • Exclusive gyms and raids coords lists: You are able to search for all raids including level, start time, end time, Pokemon and CP within a target radius. This is important now that legendaries are released as raid bosses.

  • Redefined nest cords list: With coordinate list, you can specify the type of Pokemon that falls in your criteria whether its 100IV Pokemon only to specific Pokemon which in most cases can be shiny or rare to locate.

    Pokemon Donor features video: click here

Donor mode includes the following apps:

  • Walking Dead++ (Donor Only)
  • JWAlive++ (Donor Only)
  • Magus++ (Donor Only)
  • DraGo++ (Donor Only)
  • Ingress++ (Donor Only)
  • Ghostbusters++ (Donor Only)
Last updated on 29th Nov 2018