Donor benefits

Our donor version is working in all 8 tweaks at once. You don't have to donate for each tweak separately.

FREE: Pokemon Go Hack

  • Fake location via joystick
  • Patrol to hatch eggs
  • Built in cooldown timer
  • Tap screen to walk
  • Multi option IV check list
  • Nearby Pokemon
  • Map Scanner
  • Hide UI
  • Gym mode

DONOR TIER 1: ALL of the above, plus the following extra features.

  • Teleportation
  • Save last fake location
  • GPX routing for Manual, Auto Generate GPX and Draw custom route via the map
  • MITM for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
  • Pokemon encounter IVs
  • Empty incubator alerts
  • Special Pokemon list (jailbreak only)
  • Hide Gym Mode Button (Incognito)
  • Enhanced Throw
  • Tier 1 also includes the following apps: Unite++, The Walking Dead++, JWAlive++, Magus++, DraGo++, Ingress++, Ghostbusters++ via impactor or jailbreak installations.

Unite++ extra:

  • Enhanced Castspell

DONOR TIER 2: ALL of the above, plus the following extra features.

  • Extra coordinate lists: 8 slots
  • Exclusive Quest Feed and Generator
  • Exclusive Pokemon Feed and Generator
  • Exclusive Nest Feed and Generator
  • Exclusive Raids Feed and Generator
  • Exclusive Coords Bots to integrate with Discord and Notifications
  • Exclusive Favorites Feed
  • Activation for a second device simultaneously
  • Coordinates for some of the extra apps included in tier 1

Unite++ extras:

  • Exclusive Foundables Feed and Generator
  • Exclusive Ingredient Feed
  • More Coming Soon!
Last updated on 16th May 2019