Donor benefits

Our donor version is working in all 5 tweaks at once. You don't have to donate for each tweak separately.

Donor Features include:

  • GPX Routing: PokeGo++ 2.0 will walk your character following a GPX route you enter.
  • Auto Generate GPX
  • Teleporting in Pokemon GO++
  • Enhanced Throw (Pokemon GO++ + Jailbreak only): If enabled, Raid Boss captures will always throw Excellent throw maximizing success rate
  • Extra coordinate lists: 4 more lists to help with your sniping.
  • Partner Coord Feeds: Partner Coord Program (PCP), we have opened up our sniping tool to various coords providers who wish to partake.
  • Hide Gym Mode Button (Incognito): gives you the ability to hide the Gym mode button when activated. This is a donor only feature. Please be sure to hold the screen for 10 seconds to activate/deactivate.
  • Special Pokemon List (Pokemon GO++ + Jailbreak only): This feature requires you to restart the app when enabled/disabled . If enabled, we will override the nickname of all mons in your list with their IV and moveset.
  • Exclusive gyms and raids coords lists: You are able to search for all raids including level, start time, end time, pokemon and CP within a target radius. This is important now that legendaries are released as raid bosses.
  • Exclusive nest coords list: You are able to search for hotspots with pokemon that match your filter criteria. You can look for areas with the most :100: pokemon, with the most pokemon that could be shiny,...
  • JWAlive++: Only Donors can use our tweak for Jurassic World Alive
  • Magus++/ Only Donors can use our tweak for Maguss
  • WalkingDead++: Only Donors can use our tweak for Walking Dead Our World
  • Other features to come...
Last updated on 7th Aug 2018