Pledge Fix

  1. Make sure your pledge is $5 and active. If you pause it you will not be able to activate.
  2. Enable Patreon's Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
    • Login to your Patreon Account, Profile > Settings > Account
    • Scroll down to Enable SMS Two Factor Authentication
  3. Make sure your Safari Browser is NOT on Private Mode, also close all the open tabs you have in Safari.
  4. Now restart the game and follow the Activation Steps:
    • Tap Activate with Patreon
    • Log in to Patreon if needed then Tap "Allow"
    • Hit the "Copy" button under the Key/Code to copy it.
    • Return to the game, tweak settings
    • Paste the Key in the field named "KEY"
    • Tap Activate with Patreon again (VERY IMPORTANT STEP)

NOTE: If you still can not activate then:

  1. Log in to your Patreon Account
    • Membership
    • Global ++
    • Edit Pledge
    • Scroll down and tap "UPDATE"
    • Repeat step #4
Last updated on 29th Nov 2018