A GPX route is a file that exists out of several coordinates. ++ apps will use such a route to walk from one coordinate in the route to the next. This feature is DONOR only.

  • You can create your own gpx routes and use these in any ++ app.
  • You can use auto generate gpx from the gpx menu. This will create a gpx for you with all the interesting in-game items in a 1 km radius around your current in game location, if the items are scanned in our database (for example, for Pokemon GO++ it will search for pokestops and gyms)
  • You can go to our overview of interesting gpx routes and copy the route from there to import in your ++ app.

There are two methods of creating a custom GPX route:

Method One

  1. Use: or and build a route. The sites create GPX files that include elevation.
  2. For efficient looping make sure you close your loop that your route returns you to your starting point. (first point same as last point)
  3. Download the WPTs (geoplaner) and open the file in Notepad or generate the GPX (gpxgenerator)
  4. Copy the GPX code you created into games GPX route editor (GPX button)
  5. Before you start routing, try to stay somewhere near your starting point as it will start walking before commencing on the route.
  6. Click start and observe your avatar walking the route.

Custom GPX Tutorial Video: Click here

Method Two

You can manually draw a gpx route in-game by choosing GPX icon and selecting "Draw GPX Route" option. (BEST METHOD RECOMMENDED)

Last updated on 29th Nov 2018