Ingredient Feed will list all ingredients.

Parameters should be added as pairs where you enter the filter type followed by '-' and then the value on which you want to filter. You can add multiple filters after each other using '/' to separate them.

Possible filters:

  • id : this is a list of id's you want to have in the resulting feed
  • ttl : this is the minimum time the ingredient should have left before despawning in the resulting feed
  • sort : this is a list of fields on which you want the resulting feed to be sorted on in ascending order
  • asort : this is a list of fields on which you want the resulting feed to be sorted on in descending order
  • coords : these are the coordinates you want to filter around. There are two options: either you use one coordinate set which the feed will center around (for example: "coords-10,5" will filter to feed for coordinates between 9.9,4.9 and 10.1,5.1) or you can use two sets of coordinates which will be used to filter on (for example "coords-10,5,20,8" will filter coordinates between 10,5 and 20,8)
  • top : this is the maximum amount of results you want in the feed beginning at the top of the filter
  • bottom : this is the maximum amount of results you want in the feed beginning at the bottom of the filter
  • output : this is a list of elements which you want to see in the output. You can choose between "ttl", "country", "rarity", "dist". The order of these elements is determined by the order you use them. If the value is unknown it will not be printed, the distance can only be printed in you use the radius or cooldown filters
  • radius : this will filter out all ingredients in a circled radius in kilometres around a certain point. You can either use a fixed point, or you can use your ingame location by using '%loc%'
  • country : this is the 2 letter countrycode of the country in which you want the spawns to be from. Use the 2 letter codes found here
  • cooldown : this is like the radius filter, but instead of using a fixed radius, it uses the remaining minutes on our cooldown timer to determine the radius, so you should be able to get all the ingredients in the filter if you reset the cooldown timer when it's needed. Usage: '/cooldown-%cd%,%loc%'

The ids should come out of the list at the bottom of this doc. You should use the ID.

For the sorting, you can use the following fields: "id", "ttl", "dist".



0Unknown Potion Ingredient Type
1Portkey 2km
2Portkey 5km
3Portkey 10km
4Bitter Root
5Dragon Liver
7Re'em Blood
8Bubotuber Pus
9Frog Brain
10Vervain Infusion
11Granian Hair
13Newt Spleen
14Runespoor Eggs
16Abraxan Hair
18Armadillo Bile
19Acromantula Venom
21Ashwinder Egg
22Baruffio Elixir
23Beetle Eye
24Bountiful Brew
25Chirpurfle Fang
26Common Rue
27Daisy Root
28Dawdle Draught
29Dragon Dung
30Dragonfly Thorax
31Dragon Scale
32Draught Of Perception
33Dried Nettles
34Ground Unicorn Horn
35Eel Eyes
36Essence Of Dittany
37Fairy Wings
38Felix Felicis
39Ginger Root
40Ground Scarab Beetles
41Hermit Crab Shell
42Horned Slug
43Hurklump Juice
44Jobberknoll Feathers
45Ladys Mantle
46Leaping Toadstool
47Leech Juice
49Peacock Feather
50Peppermint Sprig
51Powdered Griffin Claw
52Powdered Occamy Egg Shell
54Shrake Spine
56Sopophorous Bean
57Squill Bulb
58Stag Horn
59Stewed Mandrake
61Tincture Of Demiguise
62Unicorn Hair
63Valerian Root
65Powdered Dragon Claw
Last updated on 15th May 2019