Raids Feed

The Raids feed is DONOR only. will list all raids.

Parameters should be added as pairs where you enter the filter type followed by '-' and then the value on which you want to filter.

You can add multiple filters after each other using '/' to separate them.

Possible filters:

  • radius : this will filter out all raids in a circled radius in kilometres around a certain point. You can either use a fixed point, or you can use your ingame location by using '%loc%'
  • boss : this is a list of pokemon id's you want to filter on as raid bosses
  • team : this will filter the raids to those who are on gyms on the team id's you entered. (1 = Mystic, 2 = Valor, 3 = Instinct)
  • level : this will limit the raids to those whose level is equal or higher than the chosen level
  • sponsored : if "sponsored-true" is used, it will only show raids on sponsored raids
  • country : this is the 2 letter countrycode of the country in which you want the raids to be from. Use the 2 letter codes found here
  • sponsor : this is a list of sponsor id's you want to filter on as the Sponsor for the raids. You can find the list of known Sponsor id's on the bottom of this doc
  • exraidhist : if "exraidhist-true" is used, it will show all the raids that are happening on gyms where we ever saw an Ex Raid
  • weather : this will filter on the list of weather types where the pokemon are boosted. For the list of options, check Additional Info. (for example: /weather-1,5)
  • boosted : if /boosted-true is used it will show all pokemon that are boosted by weather. If /boosted-false is used it will show all unboosted pokemon


Last updated on 29th Nov 2018