Walking Dead Feed

The Walking Dead feed for Walking Dead Our World++ is DONOR only.

https://walkingdead.pokego2.com will list all spawns for Walking Dead Our World++.

Parameters should be added as pairs where you enter the filter type followed by '-' and then the value on which you want to filter.

You can add multiple filters after each other using '/' to separate them.

Possible filters:

  • type : this is the type codes of the Listings in the feed
  • level : this is the minimum level of the Listings in the feed
  • rarity : this is the rarity code of the Listing Rarities in the feed
  • radius : filter all listings in a circled radius in kilometres around a certain point. You can either use a fixed point, or you can use your ingame location by using '%loc%'
  • country : this is the 2 letter countrycode of the country in which you want the spawns to be from. Use the 2 letter codes found here
  • coords : these are the coordinates you want to filter around. There are two options: either you use one coordinate set which the feed will center around (for example: "coords-10,5" will filter to feed for coordinates between 9.9,4.9 and 10.1,5.1) or you can use two sets of coordinates which will be used to filter on (for example "coords-10,5,20,8" will filter coordinates between 10,5 and 20,8)


Last updated on 10th May 2019