To fix the cpp:81 error in Impactor do the following:

If the error message is "You already have a pending..." then do this: In Impactor, if you are on Windows go to the XCode tab located along the top bar of the Impactor app (if you have a Mac, xCode it is at the top of the screen in the toolbar), then click Revoke Certificates, enter account details, then reimpact. Note: In order to revoke certificates now you need to use Impactor 0.9.43 to revoke them. Then use 0.9.44 to Impact the IPA. If you try to use Impactor version 0.9.44 you will get an error if you try to revoke using that version.

If instead the message you get is "...feature is only available for users ..." then please be mindful of not clicking START on Impactor, just drag and drop the Pokego2 file (ipa) onto Impactor.

Impactor Links: 0.9.43 Windows 0.9.42 Mac

Last updated on 8th Apr 2019