Jailbreak benefits

Pokemon GO++

If you decide to jailbreak your device for ++, you'll get access to the following feautres:

  1. Old School MITM IV's. These are the IV notification popups when encountering pokemon, and this also means you have access to an IV list without using screenshots.
  2. Nearby Pokemon Popups.
  3. Incubator alerts
  4. More.

Donor only JB Benefits:

  1. Special Pokemon List, renames all the pokemon in your inventory to be their IV and moveset.
  2. Enhanced Throw, changes the back end on throws so that you have better odds at catching (Throws on legendary pokemon will always be Excellent/Curved). You only need to hit the pokemon.

Jurassic World Alive++

  1. MITM: each dinosaur you will try to harvest DNA from will be added in our database and is shown in our feed and coordinate channel.
  2. Enhanced Battery: Jailbroken users get the Enhanced Battery without having to pay for it.
Last updated on 7th Aug 2018