Install our tweaks on jailbroken devices

To install PokeGo++ on Jailbroken devices, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have Pokemon Go installed from the app store.
  2. Make sure you have our Cydia Repo installed in Cydia. (If you need the Tutorial, ask)
  3. Navigate to "Sources" and find our repo. Go into the Sources
  4. Go into the "Development" tab, and press "xCon for Pokemon Go". Press "Install" at the top right.
  5. On the "Confirm" page press "Confirm" at the top right.
  6. Cydia will go through the process of installing the two tweaks. When it's done you will see "Restart Springboard". Pres that.
  7. After you have respringed (Restarted Springboard), unlock the device and go back into Cydia.
  8. Go into the PokeGo2 repo located under Sources. Then go into the "Tweaks" tab.
  9. Press on "PokeGo++2.0" and press "Install" at the top right. Cydia will then go through the process of Installing PokeGo++
  10. Once that is all done and you have Restarted your Springbord, go into Cydia and go to the "Installed" tab on the bottom.
  11. Press "Recent" at the top. Confirm that PokeGo++, xCon for Pokemon Go, and pokepatch are there. Once you see those 3, you are good to go.
Last updated on 7th Aug 2018