Cooldown is the forced time that you cannot play when traveling any distance in PokeGo++. This is implemented by Niantic, not by us. The further you travel in game the longer your cooldown time will be. Use the chart provided to estimate your cooldown time. Cooldown Chart Cooldown Chart

We also have in game features on Pokego++ that allow you to more accurately follow cooldown time. The cooldown timer button can be set after your last action that will start cooldown. This will enable a message on your teleport screen telling you how much cooldown time has elapsed.

Actions that will start your cooldown are:

  • Catching a Pokemon
  • Throwing a pokeball (this includes accidentally dropping one)
  • Feeding berries (this doesn't include remote feeding)
  • Spinning a pokestop
  • Battling in a gym
  • Placing pokemon in a gym
  • During cooldown you cannot perform any of the above actions
  • Catching Meltan from a mystery box

Things to do while in cooldown:

  • Hatch eggs
  • Walk for Buddy Candy
  • Trade
  • Camp (keep the pokemon on the encounter screen) a pokemon until cooldown expires
Last updated on 16th May 2019