Shiny Checking

In order to shiny check, you should initially cool down for 2 hours.

The reason for this is that shiny checking often sends you all around the world, and it's best practice to have cooled down first so you don't need to camp and risk losing the shiny.

Then, prepare your preferred shiny resources.

We have a shiny filter: posshiny-true that can be added to our coord feeds in-app.

Once you are prepared, jump to each potential shiny Pokemon listed, encounter it by tapping on it, and flee the encounter without doing anything if it is not shiny.

Repeat this process until you find a shiny, at which point you may immediately catch it, having already cooled down.

Once you have caught your shiny, you must cool down again before going anywhere else, or you may play at the location you are in.

  1. Wait two hours without doing anything (no spinning, catching, feeding or battling, you can however hatch eggs).
  2. Teleport to a pokemon you want.
  3. Catch the Pokemon OR you can stay in the location and catch/spin/battle. (If you want to continue to snipe, proceed to the next step)
  4. Wait two hours.
  5. Teleport home, or to another Pokemon, Raid or Gym
Last updated on 29th Nov 2018